Canggu’s Quirkiest Bars: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In search of Canggu’s quirkiest bars this trip?

Bali’s top tourist destination promises to fulfil everyone’s hopes and dreams. One night on the town can be the highlight of your holiday. So why keep it normal? Check out some of the more unique venues on offer. Here is a run down on Canggu’s quirkiest bars going!

So get the gang together, dress to impress or rock the fresh off the beach look. Top up your wallets with some crisp rupiah notes and explore The Good, The Bad and the darn right Ugly that call Canggu home.

Here at Viccy Drew we have done the research and provide you with the best Bali travel tips!

Canggu’s Quirkiest Bars: Top 6 Must Visits

For the Sk8ter Boyz – Pretty Poison

Pretty Poison has risen in fame over the recent years. Once an off the beaten track hangout, this bar has become a top bucket list experience for travellers. You can find this spot nestled in between the quickly disappearing Canggu rice fields. Enter the grungey entrance and find an even grungier bar and dance floor.

The backyard has their own empty swimming pool for the skaters to show off. Grab a beer and find your spot poolside to watch the incredible drop ins, grinds and tricks. Maybe give it a go if you are feeling brave.

Pretty Poison’s top nights are Thursday’s and Saturday’s with their own in-house competitions. Definitely not something to be missed.

canggu's quirkiest bars
Would you?

For the Bikers – Deus Ex Machina

Deus is one of the original bars for a late night boogie accompanied with real and raw live music. Perhaps past it’s prime glory days, but still holding a place in Canggu’s heart. Not only can you eat and drink at this venue, you can also browse their beautiful surfboard collection in store, drool over the motorcycles and perhaps purchase a tee.

Be sure to check out their one of a kind nights – Taco Tuesday. It’s pretty simple. Buy a taco, get a tattoo. There are limited seats though, so get there early (around 5pm) to definitely get your name on the board. You get a 20 minute slot and only black ink. Make it count. This memory really will be with you for life.

A Canggu Oldie

For the Introverts – Black Cat

Black Cat is one of the lesser known and maybe is the most quirky bars going. Located rather close to Pretty Poison this venue can be a great spot to get some beers in before watching the bowl.

The entrance is easy to miss. Inside a mini-mart you will be directed to an out of order refrigerator. Open it up and experience the coolest ways to get into a bar. This secret cave is dark, it’s grimey, and it’s perfect to hide away from the world. So go play some pool and forget about your worry’s.

For the All-in-One’rs – X Bar

Next up we have X Bar. This place can feature on all kinds of lists. Keeping up the mini-mart vibe, you can find this bar located on Batu Bolong down the side street on a small convenience store.

Some people like to just hang at the road bar, buy their beers from the store and enjoy the people watching of the main strip. This is a true Bali must do. Where else in the world can you drink so freely on the streets?

Down the back you will find a dance floor, reggae bands, house DJ’s, a swimming pool, joss shots and more. This place really is everything you can ask for that you never knew you needed.

canggu's quirkiest bars
Cheers to the weekend

For the Pirate Wannabes – La Brisa

A more upmarket option for your unique bar experience. La Brisa is a favourite in both the expat and traveller community. Made entirely from recycled wood the decor will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped onto a Pirates of the Caribbean set.

Directly looking onto Echo Beach, one of the best surf spots in Bali, this is a great place to watch the sun go down with an exceptional cocktail in hand. Enjoy one of their pools, soak in the vibes and truly escape the madness of life.

canggu's quirkiest bars
Pass the rum

For the Foodies who like to Boogie – Luigi’s Hot Pizza

And last but not least, Luigi’s Hot Pizza. It’s in the name. Luigi’s serves up some of the best beats in town with some super fresh and tasty pizza on the side.

The crew down here know how to have a good time. Pretty much every night a bottle of Limoncello is being passed around and you are welcome to hop on top of the tables for a dance.

Monday’s are Luigi’s most popular nights with cracking food and drink deals.


Where is your go-to for a funky night out? Did we miss a classic from our list of Canggu’s quirkiest bars? Let us know and maybe we will see you there on the dance floor!

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