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Need some surf tips? No matter your level, there is always somewhere to improve.

Our knowledgeable team at Viccy Drew Surf Bali are dedicated surfers and teachers. We have pledged to give the best tuition, tricks and tips to every surfer that comes to us, be it complete beginner or someone working on a cutback.

Unlike many surf instructors found on the beach, our head coach Viccy is fully qualified and trained to an international standard of coaching. So you can surf at ease knowing you are in safe hands!

We all want to keep improving. The best way to do that is by getting help from a professional. Therefore, we all need a surf tip every now and then. Or even better, book a surf lesson to get more personalized tips for you!

Are you just starting your surfing skills? Do you keep making the same mistakes? Check out our in-depth surf tip guide for beginners here. With some basic tweaks, you can greatly improve your surfing.

Canggu can be a daunting place to surf when you first arrive on your holidays. The line up is often saturated with longboarders and other learners trying to catch a wave. Read our Guide to Surfing in Canggu to give you the surf tips needed to make this trip incredible!

Need some inspiration to keep the stoke alive? Check out our Top 10 Surf Movies that have kept us going in times in need. Top surf tip: watch movies and learn every move!

Need some other surf tips? Leave a comment below on what you want to learn more about so we can provide the tricks for you!

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