Private Surf Lesson600k / person
Semi-Private Lesson550k / person
Beginner Surf Lesson500k / person
Group Bookings450k / person
Kids Surf Lesson350k / person
What’s included?

Rash vest
2 hour surf lesson
Mineral water
Pick up/drop off in Canggu area

Group booking discounts available upon request.
Payment via PayPal available.

Suggested Courses
  • 2 Day Progressive Beginner: learn the basics and master them. We recommend this for complete beginners who want to give surfing a try.
  • 4 Day Progressive Beginner: practice makes perfect, try out the unbroken green waves and feel the stoke of surfing. This is the next stage of learning from complete newbie to being comfortable renting a soft board without a surf instructor.
  • 6 Day Progressive Beginner: become competent and confident in the water, paddle for your own waves, turning along the wave left/right and understand surf etiquette. Leave Bali feeling like you have truly learnt a new skill.
  • Progressive Intermediate 2-10 days: focus on reading the waves, selecting the right waves with correct timing and improve your turns. Increase your surf experience and knowledge in theory and technique, all while gaining confidence in the line up. Depending on your ability we will develop lessons to work on techniques to improve.

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