Best Coffee in Canggu

Are you a slave to caffeine like us? Bali’s hippest town has a lot to offer. From quirky and experimental, to traditional and straight up. We’ve ground up the beans, done the research and tasted the aroma’s – check out our list of the best coffee in Canggu!

Coffee is a personal thing, with true lover’s struggling to try something out of their norm. We can’t get enough of hot lattes. Even when it’s roasting outside just give us that frothed up steaming milk.

Luckily though in Canggu every cafe offers the iced counterparts for those who prefer a cool down option. If regular milk isn’t your thing head to one of many vegan-friendly spots on our list in the Canggu haven to swap in soy, coconut, almond or more. VDS has got your Bali travel tips covered!

There is nothing better than a steaming, frothy mug of coffee after your surf lesson. Book today and learn to surf with Viccy Drew Surf Bali!

The best coffee in Canggu.

1. The Mocca

It’s in the name so surely you can’t go wrong. The Mocca cafe is nestled in the heart of Canggu just off Batu Bolong. Not only is there good coffee but this spot also boasts a cute interior and a fresh upstairs level along with stellar WiFi. Ideal for digital nomads, tropical meetings or a solo hangout.

With every hot coffee you get a tasty side biscuit as well as a icy cold bottle of water completely free.

2. Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster

This gem is located the other side of the shortcut in the Berawa region. Hungry Bird is a real life fairytale dream come true. Starting out part time in a corner of a bedroom, this cafe is now an award winning coffee roaster and a favorite in the expat community. They proudly present their trophies declaring Winners of Latte Art in Indonesia, Top Barista team in Asia and Best Coffee Roasters in the area. Their espresso machine dominates the counter with the biggest smiles from the team behind.

Hungry Bird even offers a unique experience for true caffeine enthusiasts. Special appointment for cupping and tasting sessions can give you the insider knowledge to their world class blends and grinds.

3. BGS

BGS embodies Canggu’s two greatest loves – coffee and surfing. This funky little hangout supplies stylish brands for you to muse over while sipping out your contemporary cosmo-esque glass filled with coffee. Regular customers prop up the bar to maintain their caffeine level at a constant high.

At BGS their attention to detail is crucial. Their perfectly ordered vinyl collection is a good demonstration of how perfect their brew is. Offering various milk varieties, BGS will have something for everyone.

So where better to soak up the surf culture? Get down there and we will see you at the bar!

4. Copenhagen

Yes that is right. A touch of Denmark right in the middle of Bali. Copenhagen is one of Canggu’s top breakfast spots with a sensational tapas style system. There is no better way to start the day than with a great breakfast accompanied by coffee.

Copenhagen Canggu

Everyday Copenhagen offer Coffee Your Way, 12pm to 5pm. Macchiato, un piccolo, flat white or long black. Make it your version, hot or cold. Only 39k and even comes with one of their famous cinnamon rolls on the side. Definitely not to be missed.

5. Monsieur Spoon

Keeping up with the European theme, be sure to check out Monsieur Spoon for a brunch spot. Tucked away just off the main road is a surprisingly quiet garden setting. Perfect to fill those bakery cravings and get your caffeine hit.

6. Betlenut Cafe

And finally but not least, Betlenut Cafe. This is a Canggu original haunt, one of the first establishments to raise a flag on Batu Bolong. Similarly to the other contenders, Betlenut have an unbeatable cake selection which will leave you coming back for more.

Coffee really does make the world a better place. It awakens your spirit and fills your day. So make sure to fill your day with a hug in a mug. Where is your go-to coffee stop in Canggu?

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