Guide to Surfing in Canggu

Canggu Surf Guide
People surfing at Batu Bolong Beach in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Canggu is a true surfing paradise. Once a sleepy village with dirt roads leading to the unknown, now one of the main stop off’s in Bali for travellers. The place has boomed and created a world-class name for itself with its incredible bars, shops and of course, waves. So take a look at our guide to surfing in Canggu to help you get on the waves.

There are a whole range of surf breaks easily accessible and suitable for all levels. So whether you are looking to learn the basics or are already a pro, you will definitely find the right wave for you.

When first arriving to Canggu you’ve probably raced down to take a look at the beach to see what all the fuss is about. At first sight this can be a shocking scene. A mass of bodies and boards – like krill in the ocean. Some days it is difficult to even see the water through all the surfers dominating the horizon. But do not loose faith. Your dream of surfing in Canggu will still happen. You just need some insider tips to beat the crowds and find the perfect spot.

Keep reading our Guide to Surfing in Canggu to get some top insider surf tips.
Or better yet, book a lesson and surf with us today!

Batu Bolong
Level: Beginner / Intermediate

guide to surfing in canggu
Waves on the inside are perfect for learning, while out back can provide gems

The main beach of Canggu. Batu Bolong provides several peaks to choose from along the long stretch: Old Man’s, Tuju Left or Right, Temple, and everything else in between. Which one you choose depends on your ability and confidence in the water. As this is the most easily reached beach for most tourists, unfortunately this means it is the busiest wave in Canggu. Always take care of fellow surfers, surf within your limit and use a leg rope.

Batu Bolong is a reef break with large volcano rock formations so the paddle to get outback is quite long. Look out for the clear channels either side of the peaks for an easy and safe way out. The wave is a perfect longboarding option and suitable for beginners; the long, mellow and fairly slow waves are great for a sunset cruise to end your ideal island day.

While the wave does work on most tides, make sure you are aware that low tide exposes the reef and can be dangerous for beginner surfers, and high tide can make a tricky shorebreak wave. Time your exit from the water carefully otherwise you may end up on @kookslams.

We always recommend taking a local guide or surf coach if you are unsure with the crowds. This will give you a buddy in the water to call you onto waves and have an extra pair of eyes looking out for other surfers. Read over our surf tips for beginners to help start you off.

Echo Beach
Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Similarly to Batu Bolong, Echo Beach has a range of waves to choose from. Typically everyone tends to gather in herds at the main break – Echo Beach. However, take a short walk up and you will find less crowded peaks: Sandbar, Rivermouth, Punch to name a few. This beach leads all the way to Seseh, Black Sand and eventually Tanah Lot.

This top side of Canggu is the pro surfer choice. You will often find yourself sharing waves and rubbing shoulders with some of the best competitors in the world, so it can be intimidating if you are a newbie.

The wave is much punchier than Batu Bolong, giving shortboarders the perfect ramps to show off their air work. With the right conditions, normally early morning with less wind, these waves get super hollow and serve up barrels for breakfast. Strictly intermediates and advanced surfers should take on this spot.

Mid to high tide provides the best waves, with the low’s showing off the reef bottoms. Sandbar is nestled in between the reefs as a rare beach break meaning it is slightly less consistent than the other options.

Echo Beach has a large range of warungs and beach front bars, including the popular La Brisa. This gives the waves a close audience to add even more pressure.

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

And finally we get to Berawa. Berawa Beach is home to Finns Beach Club, one of the largest beach clubs in the world. Immediately in front of Finns is Berawa’s main peak. Not as far out to paddle as Batu Bolong, but also not as technical as Echo Beach. Berawa is a perfect spot for new intermediates to practice and progress there skills before advancing to the harder waves.

Be mindful as this is still a reef break and can get shallow at low tide. Stick to a mid tide time for the safest surf. The channels are some what inconsistent and the currents can be very strong when the swell picks up but this can also work in favour for those seeking powerful waves and barrels.

Further down the beach towards the river you will find a sand bottom which is ideal for learn to surf sessions. This is our choice location for first time surfers needing to learn the basics.

Berawa tends to be much quieter and more chilled out spot than the others in Canggu. Stick around for sunset and watch the night surfing in front of Finns. Their flood lights illuminate the waves for those who didn’t get their fill in the day.

If in doubt, book a surf lesson before grabbing a board

So what are you waiting for? Grab your board, book your lessons and get out there. Catch you in the line-up or for a cold one at sunset!

Need more information to help guide your surfing in Canggu? Contact us today to book a Surf Guide for a session to get top local insider knowledge and guidance to help improve your surfing.

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