10 Surf Movies to Keep the Stoke

Lockdown doesn’t mean you have to loose your surf stoke and lifestyle! Check out our list of 10 Surf Movies to keep you going in this crazy time of COVID-19. Remember, flatten that curve and stay inside – the barrel!

Need some inspiration to keep the stoke alive? Check out our Top 10 Surf Movies that have kept us going in times in need. Top surf tip: watch movies and learn every move!

1. Point Break

Point Break is a cult classic and also a remake. We personally prefer the original for a few reasons. Did you know the surfer gang in the original were acted by real pro surfers? This also included Anthony Kiedes from Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It doesn’t get much cooler than that!

The surfing scenes are 100% real, and the actors even learnt how to surf. Check out Keanu Reeves surf lesson as Johnny Utah. But remember, you still need your own lessons on the beach before heading out there!

2. The Shallows

The Shallows is a fresh blockbuster from 2016. Claimed as a thriller / horror with similar ideas to Jaws, we love this movie more for the mind surfing alongside Blake Lively. Crystal clear waters and empty Mexican line ups, does it get more dreamy?

Did you know the surfer stunt double for Blake was Isabella Nicols? Nicols is a Junior World Champion and someone to keep an eye on for future World Leagues! The Shallows is currently on Netflix so add it to your list now.

3. Surf’s Up

Surf’s Up has it all. Action, adventure, cute penguins and family fun. If this doesn’t get the kids frothing to get in the water there is something wrong with them.

This feel good movie has the tunes, has the vibes, and the animation subdues the cheesy surf cliches perfectly!

4. Chasing Mavericks

“Those who push the limits, sometimes learn, that the limits push back.” Chasing Mavericks brought big wave surfing into the limelight and showed the non-surfing world how rad surfing is.

And what makes it better? It’s a true story. Jay Moriarity and Frosty were real life Californian big wave surfers. This movie captures the story perfectly with ultimate surf lifestyle filtered over the top.

5. Lords of Dogtown

Ok, not strictly a surf movie but Lords of Dogtown is all about the lifestyle we are chasing. Skating, surfing, going with the flow and sticking it up to the big man. Another true story movie from iconic California. Heath Ledger was handpicked by his character in real life and even wore some of his clothes in the movie.

After watching this you will for sure be wanting to join the Dogtown gang and bumping off everyday life to chase waves, empty pools and good vibes.

6. Kissed by God

Kissed by God is a documentary film about one of the greatest surfers ever known. Andy Irons is loved by the surf community, so if you want to get in to club make sure you learn about Andy Irons.

This movie shows the battle of inner demons that the world champion faced daily. Heart wrenching and raw.

7. Soul Surfer

Wow, we really love true stories in the surf world and surf movies. One of the most famous stories known across the globe is of Bethany Hamilton. Soul Surfer is the adaptation of the shark attack that led to Hamilton loosing her arm. Her faith and support around her made her the person she is today, and this movie shows it.

Don’t let the sharks put you off surfing. It’s actually incredibly rare to have an encounter, don’t let the movies fool you! Soul Surfer is currently on Netflix so add it to your list now.

8. Blue Crush

Blue Crush is ultimate girl power for the surf world. Full of surf action and waves upon waves. This movie shows a stand against boys and their egos, and how far perseverance and dedication can take you.

Filmed on the famous break, Pipeline, this is not a movie to miss for crazy surf scenes to keep the mind surfing flowing.

9. Drift

Moving to the other side of the globe and equally amazing waves is Drift. Set in Margaret River, Western Australia, this is a real life adaptation of surfing becoming popular in the 70’s.

The plot of the movie is enough to keep it from too cheesy, and the surf scenes are mesmerising. Definitely one to add to the list!

10. View From a Blue Moon

This one isn’t a “movie” but more of a documentary again. Filmed and produced by the one and only John John Florence, this feature is classed as a work of art. Waves, waves , waves for days. Quality soundtrack.

Study View From a Blue Moon and learn some moves from the master.

Bonus: The Golden Pig

And one more for luck! The Golden Pig had to be mentioned. This is a documentary from the small island off the coast of North Sumatra, Nias.

Sorake Beach is the dream wave of surfers, with perfect waves against the iconic backdrop – the holy grail. This movie shows how surfing was brought to the island and the dangers that came with it.

Enjoy the full movie below:

Did we miss one of your favourite surf movies? Let us know in the comments what surf movies are keeping your mind surfing through quarantine!
Stay safe and stay healthy.
And book your lesson when COVID-19 passes over!

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